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Frequency: 8 editions per year.

For 46 years, Old House Journal has been helping people repair, rehabilitate, restore, update, and decorate their homes. We cover every domestic architectural style in America, from the earliest colonial-era buildings to mid-century ranches—with an emphasis on the Victorians, bungalows, and historical revival houses of the 19th and early 20th centuries. A large part of the issue is devoted to know-how and how-to articles; that’s complemented by design advice, product coverage, and inspirational old-house tours. Now published eight times a year, with higher production values and gorgeous photography, OHJ is the standard bearer. Readers are avid, active participants.

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Edición actual

Edición No. 01.2021

01 de enero de 2021

  • Arts & Crafts. Home visits, spanish colonial extravagance. A sears bungalow brought back. New craftsman home for today.
  • Replicating millwork & trim. Woodworking tools + techniques.
  • How to: Cope + Miter Trim. Sand curved elements. Master Burnt Wood. Weather strip.

Edición anterior

Edición No. 08.2020

01 de diciembre de 2020

  • Reader's choice exquisite beaux arts restoration a sweet queen Anne Victorian. Cottage kitchen & craftsman bath.
  • + For first-time homebuyers what to look for. Big-ticket Repairs.
  • An addition Unmuddled! the process of redesigning a family kitchen space.
  • How to: Hang door curtains. Get paint out of carpet. Sew a lampshade. Fix old doors.

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